We Believe

We are a family of God’s people in Christ.

At Lebanon Reformed Church we are Christians that believe:

  • God is actively and lovingly working in this world and in lives to ultimately and fully redeem His Creation;
  • Jesus Christ is the only son of God who died on the cross for us, was resurrected and offers all of us eternal life, and He is the Head of the Church;
  • Salvation and Grace through Christ are not earned; they are freely given through faith in Christ;
  • Scripture is the Word of God and is our authority on earth;
  • The Holy Spirit empowers churches and Christians to grow closer to Christ and to minister to the world;
  • The Church was created and is sustained by the Holy Spirit;
  • We are a covenant people with God through Christ;
  • Churches are called to minister not only to their congregations but also their communities;
  • Every Christian is endowed with Spiritual Gifts to love and serve (Christ) one another and the world.


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