Meals for Jaci Fusco

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Over the past weeks during our worship we have been praying for Jaci Fusco a Lebanon resident who has been battling cancer. Jaci has been undergoing chemo treatments which are taking a lot out of her. As Disciples of Christ, we are called minister to the sick. As a way to make things a little easier for Jaci and her family a website has been set up to schedule meals for 2 adults and her 11-year-old son.


You can sign up to Jaci and her family at:  on @SignUpdotcom.
Meals can be dropped off on her front porch @ 1 Myrtle, Lebanon, NJ
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
There will be a cooler on the porch, so no need to ring the bell.

In order to avoid duplicate dinners during the week,  all week  please write in the comments the meal you are delivering.

Thank you in advance for your outpouring love to a neighbor in need!


Grace and Peace to you all!


Pastor Tom